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خانه محصولاتWire Rope Hoist

Double Girder Low-vibration Foot Mounted Wire Rope Hoists SH Series

کیفیت خوب Double Girder Overhead Cranes برای فروش
کیفیت خوب Double Girder Overhead Cranes برای فروش
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Double Girder Low-vibration Foot Mounted Wire Rope Hoists SH Series

چین Double Girder Low-vibration Foot Mounted Wire Rope Hoists SH Series تامین کننده

تصویر بزرگ :  Double Girder Low-vibration Foot Mounted Wire Rope Hoists SH Series

جزئیات محصول:

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Model Number: SH


قیمت: N/A
Packaging Details: Container packing
Delivery Time: Based on client's needs
Supply Ability: 100000 Sets per Year
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توضیحات محصول جزئیات

Double Girder Low-vibration Foot Mounted Wire Rope Hoists SH Series


This type of stationary steel wire rope industrial travelling hoist has its particular advantage for compact quadrate structure and internal configuration. Planetary gear reducer is adopted to ensure high transmission efficiency. It is characterized by low noise, compact structure, omitting the intermediate shaft. The square appearance is easier to install and fix. In addition, the lifting hook is designed to prevent accidental slippage; Motor has the thermal protection device, which will automatically cut off to prevent damage when the temperature is too high.

With the ideal design, we can ensure high safety as well as working efficiency. Load limit protection device is optional to avoid overload-induced adverse consequences.



1) Steel rope electric hoist, newest design with quadrate outline, modularized

construction, and good unitized capability

2) The fundamental mode change combine is very convenient and multiform

3) The special drive composition method is very stationary which saves the usual long

transmission shaft

4) The reducer use plant speed-down drive is highly effective, low noise and long


5) Unique column rotor-taper breaking wheel motor with disk is low noise and reliable

6) With the advanced technology from overseas, the guide rope unit is very reliable

and safe

7) High precision and super mechanical spin limit

8) High quality electric control component with low malfunction

9) The products from 400kg to 50MT, complying with the international standard

A wire rope hoist is a hoist that utilizes wire rope as the lifting medium. It is often powered electrically or pneumatically. This lifting device is made up of a rope storage drum, motor(s), gear box and braking system, and is suspended from a monorail or bridge beam(s) by means of a trolley. It may also be stationary mounted.

A crane is a machine used for lifting and lowering a load, and moving it horizontally. A crane's drives may be manual, powered or a combination of both. Cranes are typically used when there is insufficient (or intermittent) flow volume such that the use of a conveyor cannot be justified. They provide more flexibility in movement than conveyors, and less flexibility in movement than industrial trucks. Loads handled by cranes are more varied with respect to their shape and weight than those handled by a conveyor. Most cranes utilize hoists for vertical movement, although manipulators can be used if precise positioning of the load is required.

Many different types of cranes are used for material handling applications. These include overhead cranes as well as cherry picker type boom lifts, mobile and self-propelled cranes straddle and counterbalanced (cantilevered) cranes. Portable and mobile floor cranes can be equipped with fixed or telescopic booms as well as mast rotation when equipped with outriggers. Lifting can be performed with the boom itself or a winch operated cable lift.

Common Features: 

  • Conical rotor, Squirrel Cage, 1 hr. Rated, Class 'F', Insulated crane duty motor. 
  • Electromechanical, Conical disc type, 100% failsafe maintenance free Brake, eliminates need of coil & thereby coil burning and down time problems. 
  • Easily portable because of compact design and low weight 
  • Wear-resistant, Heat-treated, Grade 80, Special alloy steel calibrated load chain. 
  • A special conical friction clutch housed inside the gearbox, protects the hoist against overloading. It also works as Emergency limit stop and protects overhoisting and over lowering
  • Specially designed Chain guide enables Smooth, Jerkless, Free and Silent running of Chain over the Load wire rope sprocket 
  • All Gears are made of Carbon / Alloy steel, high precision cut, hardened and tempered, and are mounted on antifriction bearings. 
  • Hoist is supplied with a pendant push button station and a two mtrs. Long pendant cable. Additional cable lengths are available on request. 
  • Hoist is supplied with a 3 mtrs. Long power supply cable. Extra length can be supplied on request. 
  • Hoist is supplied with wire rope for three mtrs. Height of lift. Additional chain can be provided for higher height of lift, on request. 


Special Feature:

  • Versatile applications thanks to variable rope lead-offs.
  • Flexible mounting arrangements due to various connection variants.
  • Ideal for refurbishment or modernization.
  • One rope guide for all rope lead-off variants.
  • Optimum utilization of space thanks to compact design.
  • High availability thanks to a low maintenance requirement.
  • Fast handling thanks to high hoists speeds.
  • Low-vibration, quite-running motor.
  • Fast acting brake.
  • Gearbox lubricated for life.
  • Protective rope guide.
  • Modular electrical equipment.
  • Precision geared limit switch.
  • Overload protection.
  • Control via cable connection or by radio.


General Drawing or Sketch or Draft Drawing

Double Girder Low-vibration Foot Mounted Wire Rope Hoists SH Series


Technical Data of Foot-mounted Electric Wire Rope Hoist SH Series

 Double Girder Low-vibration Foot Mounted Wire Rope Hoists SH Series 


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