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خانه محصولاتLight Crane Systems

Double Girder Light Crane Systems For Convey System

کیفیت خوب Double Girder Overhead Cranes برای فروش
کیفیت خوب Double Girder Overhead Cranes برای فروش
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Double Girder Light Crane Systems For Convey System

چین Double Girder Light Crane Systems For Convey System تامین کننده

تصویر بزرگ :  Double Girder Light Crane Systems For Convey System

جزئیات محصول:

Place of Origin: China
نام تجاری: SHUANGPENG
گواهی: ISO9001


Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
قیمت: N/A
Packaging Details: Seaworthy packings in container or bulk vessel
Delivery Time: Within 2 months
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
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توضیحات محصول جزئیات

Double Girder Light Crane Systems For Convey System

The double girder flexible lightweight combination crane LCS includes single-track, single beam, double beam, telescopic beam, stacker and other various types of lifting assembly, the weight is 0.125t-1t to adapt to a very wide range, especially for transmission lines in modern production, which features an overview of the following:


Good reliability, high stability the light crane system component parts are all standard modules can ensure that high-volume, high quality production, so the system is very reliable; the main body of the system module is the profiles of the three sizes of cold-rolled, high strength, stiffness, light weight, to ensure the stability of the system.

The flexible dual-beam suspension crane by standard components, due to its lifting gourd hanging in between the two the  main beam car rack, double girder suspension cranes can be higher than the single girder cranelifting space.


Adaptable. The system is able to design and install flexibly according to the operating position in factories. Fixed point transmission and accurate multipoint automated transmission lines can be easily assembled. It can be used in new-designed plants as well as the rebuilding and expanding of old system.


Easy to install, cost-effective. The system is easy to install and modulate, with bolts connecting the profiles and standard modules. You can save space and area of the plant, thereby reducing energy consumption, improving efficiency. The system can realize manually, automatic, semi-automatic operation.

The flexible dual-beam suspension crane by  standard components can reduce headroom as its lifting gourd hanged between the two of the KPK main beam.

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