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خانه محصولاتBeam Launcher

JQG420T-50M Beam launching gantry crane used to launching bridge

JQG420T-50M Beam launching gantry crane used to launching bridge

JQG420T-50M Beam launching gantry crane used to launching bridge
JQG420T-50M Beam launching gantry crane used to launching bridge JQG420T-50M Beam launching gantry crane used to launching bridge

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جزئیات محصول:

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
نام تجاری: Nante
گواهی: ISO9001:2008
Model Number: JQG420T-50M


مقدار حداقل تعداد سفارش: 1 ست
قیمت: N/A
Packaging Details: naked
Delivery Time: According to customer needs
Payment Terms: T/T
قابلیت ارائه: 1000 مجموعه در سال
توضیحات محصول جزئیات
رنگ: رنگ زرد گواهی: ISO9001:2008
ظرفیت: 420T طول: 50 متر

overhead bridge cranes


bridge crane kits

JQG420T-50M Beam launching gantry crane used to launching bridge


1, the vertical operation of the bridge on both sides of the specified height requirements corresponding to the level, to maintain a smooth. Front, middle and rear legs of the horizontal run track requirements level, and strictly control the spacing, the three tracks must be parallel.

2, skew bridge concrete beam installation, the bridge before the machine, the rear leg walking wheel position, left and right wheels to stagger before and after the interval can be calculated according to the angle of the skew, so that the legs can run in the same horizontal track (Please contact the manufacturing unit for specific matters).


3, the vertical movement of the bridge to do all the preparatory work, requiring a place in place, do not allow halfway pause.


4, the bridge machine crane to carry concrete beams Longitudinal operation, the front leg parts require hand chain hoist (5t) and traverse of the track to tighten the fixed, to enhance stability.


5, the installation of the bridge up and down longitudinal slope, the vertical shift of the bridge machine to prevent taxi measures. For example: the use of triangular iron in front and rear of the wheel for protection, especially in the leg from the beam end close, shift attention to control.


6, after the bridge machine assembly must be carried out hanging retired test crane operation, can also be used after the concrete beam test, the bridge machine and then run in place to start the installation operation.


7, bridge machine installation operations, we should always pay attention to safety checks, each installation of a hole must be a comprehensive security check, found that the problem to stop working and timely processing to continue operations. Do not allow mechanical electrical work to fail.


8, the installation operation is not allowed to run overload, not slanting lifting operations.

Nine, connecting pin processing material must be required according to the design drawings, not with low steel processing instead.


9, five wind above the operation is strictly prohibited, must be rigging with a rigging bridge crane and lifting crane, bridge machine to stop working when the power to cut off to prevent accidents.


10, the vertical position of the bridge machine must strictly control the location size, to ensure that the concrete prefabricated beam installed in place.


11, because the bridge is a bridge to install large-scale special equipment, bridge machine operations must be clearly division of labor, unified command, to set up full-time operators, full-time electrical and full-time safety inspectors. To have strict construction organizations and measures to ensure the safety of construction. The basic conditions are as follows:


Commander 1:

Familiar with the basic requirements of bridge structure and lifting work. First of all familiar with the structure of the bridge machine, assembly procedures, operating methods and instructions in the use of instructions, and has a certain organizational skills, familiar with the command signal, strong sense of responsibility;


Electrician one:

to understand the bridge machine circuit diagram and according to map wiring, can quickly remove the fault in the work, strong sense of responsibility, business skilled, agile man and responsible for the operation of the bridge machine;


Hydraulic workers 1:

familiar with the basic knowledge of hydraulic systems and use and maintenance skills, can correctly operate and eliminate the relevant failure;


Lifeguard 3:

has many years of experience in lifting work, strong sense of responsibility, with a certain degree of mechanical knowledge, familiar with the crane operating procedures and safety procedures, work seriously responsible, meticulous;


Auxiliary workers 3:

have a certain cultural knowledge, strong and strong, hard-working, willing to study the business of young people, and as a training object.


12, cantilever longitudinal movement, the upper two days of the car must be back, before the cradle back to the posterior leg; after the crane back to the rear legs and the middle of the middle of the high legs.


13, the top of the top high leg, the former cart must be retreated to the front leg; rear axle must be back to the post legs.


14, the former legs or high after the top of the high leg, the two-day car must be back near the legs.


15, the former high-seat top position, you must use a special fixture will be the top of the stroke section of the lock, so that the jack for a long time force.


16, hydraulic system


1, belong to the same cylinder on the two ball valve, must also be closed or open at the same time, must not only open the middle of one and close the other, otherwise it will cause the accident even the hose burst or hydraulic cylinder damage;

2, according to the former, after the three legs and jack jack jack to determine the different operating conditions to set the value of the relief valve, but the maximum shall not exceed 31MPa. After setting the nut with the lock, and can not arbitrarily change the setting pressure, too small is often overflow in the work, resulting in oil temperature rise or even work; set the pressure is too large can not play the role of insurance, damage to components. The specific setting value is determined by the field technician;

3, when the oil temperature exceeds 70 ℃ should stop cooling, when the oil temperature below 0 ℃ should consider the replacement of low temperature hydraulic oil;

4, the Department of components, pipelines, such as failure, should immediately stop, by the training of full-time technical staff to check and repair, the operator can not unauthorized demolition;


17, bridge machine must be set up lightning protection device, by the use of units to solve their own.


18, bridge machine carts walking beam beam carrying capacity should meet the relevant requirements, the two free end must be set iron. Carts are equipped with special tools (wedge iron) and warning signs, if due to mechanical, electrical or misuse caused by carts runaway, the wedge into the walking wheel between the track, so that the bridge can not continue Slip.


19, in the bridge machine longitudinal or traverse at both ends of the track, must be set to block the iron to ensure the stability of the bridge machine shift.


20, before the bridge machine work, should be adjusted before and after the height of the leg, so that the main bridge longitudinal girder slope <1.5%.


21, bridge machine longitudinal walking track laying longitudinal <3%, should not be adjusted to meet this requirement.


22, the bridge machine in the downhill working conditions, longitudinal rail or longitudinal slope> 1% to 3%, you must use the hoist to pull the bridge machine to protect, to prevent the car down.

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